Dan Trimble

Global intelligence & cyber risk executive. Keynote speaker & panelist. Explorer. Photographer.

My Mission

Safeguarding organizations and global infrastructure from cyber threats.

I help CEOs and government leaders understand cyber risk and policy. While their CISOs and CIOs lead IT & security operations, incident response, and technical threat analysis, I'm the one called in to translate that work in human and organizational terms.

Relegating cybersecurity as an IT function fails to acknowledge it is an enterprise risk demanding a whole-of-business and whole-of-society effort to combat relentlessly evolving threats.

Consequences from cascading effects originating in industries outside your core expertise. Ever-growing financial losses from attacks in which organizations are not even directly targeted. Threats to privacy that end up in courtrooms. I help them avoid learning the hard way.

I'm equal parts global intelligence expert; cyber communicator and diplomat; and global strategy and policy executive. I lead teams that shape consensus around geopolitical-cyber risk and build that into long-term, synchronized risk management plans, public policy initiatives, and public/private partnerships.

Because massively interconnected cyberspace has no borders, neither should your holistic understanding of what holds you at risk.

Fusing an uncommon background deep in disaster management, intelligence, and public policy, my work guides CEOs and government leaders in protecting their organization’s interests around the world from 21st century threats.

My Story

Cyber risk & intelligence executive. Reservist. Photographer. Explorer. Husband & father.

From Silicon Valley roots in enterprise software development and product marketing to disaster response to the shadows of the U.S. Intelligence Community, Dan Trimble has developed an uncommon base of expertise and a reputation for destroying silos and building consensus. His background is diverse, yet fuses in ways that help leaders crystalize a holistic understanding of cyber issues across their organization's complex ecosystem of industries and stakeholders.

Dan is an award-winning cyber, intelligence, and international affairs leader; a technologist; social scientist; and storyteller. His work for the U.S. Government has encompassed service as a senior advisor; deputy director of a premier cyber intelligence center at U.S. Cyber Command; leadership of a wide range of critical infrastructure and cyber threats teams for multiple agencies; and policy and operational response work for natural and manmade disasters. He has helped shape national strategy and policy and served at think tank fellowships focused on innovative public/private partnership models for cyber risk assessment. In an earlier life, he helped manage numerous Fortune 500 and startup tech product lines.

A sixth generation Californian, Dan is also a published photographer and explorer, and loves to cook and write. More than anything else, he is Andrew and Alexander's dad and Heather's husband. He is a student of international business, public administration, public policy, and national security and has studied at Golden Gate University, the Naval War College, the National Defense University, and has held a number of fellowships.

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