Dan Trimble

emerging tech policy & product development

Research & Policy Advisory

We live in an era of innovation and global connectivity unprecedented in opportunity and reach. From cybersecurity to big data to technology automation, I help governments and businesses figure out how technological change impacts their organizations and constituents, and how to manage and work through the associated risks and opportunities.

GovTech Product & Market

I help entrepreneurs turn innovative tech for the public sector into commercially-viable products. Building from a penetrating understanding of local, state, federal, and international governments, my work helps solidify and prioritize product requirements, formulate roadmaps, and drive go-to-market and government engagement strategies.

About Me

Dan's strength is shaping innovative research, policy, and products to help solve some of the most complex public challenges we face. He fuses experience in research, policy, product development, and public/private partnerships to help government and industry cultivate promising technology and policy ideas despite increasingly scarce resources.

In 2016, Dan was appointed a Madison Fellow on Cybersecurity with the Madison Policy Forum in New York. His team formulated an international legal and policy framework for mitigating cyber risk in the critical infrastructure and industrial control systems orchestrating global maritime and intermodal transportation and its interdependence on the electric grid.

As a staff member, consultant, and senior manager at Fortune 1000 and startup companies, Dan has accumulated 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, big data, space, government transparency, defense & public safety, and enterprise software. He has led cyber threat analysis teams for the U.S. government, and earlier served as executive director of an advocacy organization facilitating public/private partnerships to strengthen entrepreneurship and innovation.

He is a U.S. Coast Guard Reserve officer and 6th generation Californian whose undergraduate and graduate studies have encompassed international affairs, business and public administration, and technology. He and his family live in Silicon Valley. He is a published photographer and avid traveler.